Sunday, 29 March 2015

Easter thoughts.

So. As you may of realised, I haven't posted in a LONG time :( But I will definately try to post more regularly (I know I'v said this before but I will!).
So I just wanted to say HAPPY EASTER to everyone and I hope you spend it with loved ones.
I'v recently been thinking about what I want to be when I have my first job, and stuff like that. I guess people stress out about things like this and if they will do well in life, but I have come to the conclusion that I just need to be myself and do whatever comes to me. You don't need to feel pressured by other people (family, friends etc.) because you may end up making the wrong decision. Someone I know is feeling pressured by people in their life, and i just feel like they need to be themself.
Hopefully you will be inspired to be yourself, whether it is infront of friends, family, or anyone else. Just be you!
Again I hope you have a very Happy Easter, and please comment your aspirations and other things like that if you feel confident about them! Thanks for reading, and don't be afraid to be you xx p.s. sorry if I wrote be yourself too much :'-)

Thursday, 12 February 2015

My favourite things

Hey!! I thought to myself today how much I love hearing about what people like and what they are interested in. So I felt that I should maybe give a brief description of me :) If we have anything in common, please comment and tell me what you think!

My favourite things:
  • Listening to music (mostly 5sos)
  • Taking pretty pictures
  • Making people happy
  • Baking
  • Playing with my black Labrador Storm (he is like my little living happy place if that made sense!)
  • Being with family
  • Spending time with my friends
  • Shopping
  • Eating chocolate :D

Friday, 6 February 2015


Hey! I just thought that I would quickly show you this picture that I took at Bird World (again). As you can probably see, I took this on Retrica which is a great app for different colour filters. I would definitely recommend getting it, and it is also free (always a bonus)!

Monday, 2 February 2015

Tumblr pics & room decor

Hey :)
I am currently loving Tumblr. Alot. So I figured that I should definately get some Tumblr pics printed, and put them on my desk. I printed these 5 really cute pictures off, and then got some magnetic, pink pegs (from Tiger) and put them up on my desk wall.
For my room decor, I got a small blank canvas (you can get these from the works), and an old CD. I then painted the CD, and stuck it to the canvas with double sided sticky tape. When that dried, I picked a cute quote, and wrote it on! You can find quotes from Tumblr, Instagram etc.
Everything I made was inexpensive, and lovely to put in a girly bedroom. Thank you for reading! Bye xx 

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Candle D.I.Y

Hello !! So today I wanted to share these really cute candles that I made! This was so easy to make and it was really cheap to make them. These candles look really sweet on candelabras and even on their own. So here's how to make them ...

Firstly, you will need candles. I brought mine from Tiger and they were £1 each! This is a really good price, and they are very affordable. Then you'll need: glitter, spray on glue, shape template, paper.

To make the candles, you will firstly need to put the template on the candle. You can attach this with cello tape or even glue. Then it is probably a good idea to cover the rest of the candle in paper; this will prevent the spray glue from dripping down the candle and ruining it. Then you need to sprinkle the glitter over the template. Leave it to dry, and than you have a Glitter Candle!!

You are probably thinking that the glitter will go up in flames, but it won't. This is a tried and tested D.I.Y and I promise nothing will set on fire apart from the wick!

Thank you for reading and I hope you liked this D.I.Y xx

Monday, 19 January 2015


Hello everybody!! Firstly I would like to thank you for getting me to 105 page views. Now I know this doesn't sound very good, but thank you anyways (proud face)!
I just thought I would show you this picture I took when I went to a place called Bird World. I took this on my iPhone 4s back in April last year (I cant believe its 2015!) and I think the camera on the iPhone is so good. This could easily be mistaken for something taken on a digital camera, and I love the way the bird looked at me (he looks so confused).
I will try to post more photography based posts (if that made sense) and I hope you liked this picture!!!

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Lush Haul!

Hello everybody! Firstly I apologise for not posting in a while, I have been sooooo busy the past couple of weeks, and unfortunately haven't had time to post anything!
Anyway. So yesterday me and my friend went shopping and the first place we went to was Lush! This is definitely one of my favourite shops and I was so excited to go in and see their new collection!
The first things I picked up were the Cupcake and Catastrophe Cosmetic face masks. The Cupcake face mask smelt delicious. It had a lovely chocolaty scent, you could also smell a small zing of mint. I have already used this last night and it made my skin feel so soft and smooth. The Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask smelt of fresh blueberries and was a wonderful blue colour.
Next I brought the Popcorn lip scrub. I didn't really know what to expect of this, but it was definitely a good purchase! It smelt exactly like real popcorn (and tasted a bit like it too)!
Finally I brought the Locket Heart bath bomb. Whenever I go into Lush I always try to buy a bath bomb because I love them so much, so I brought this! To me, it smells a bit like chocolate (no one else thinks so though!) This bomb lasts for three baths, your meant to split it in half, then use each half, then there is a separate heart inside!
I cant wait to use this, along with the other products I brought!

Thank you for reading, I hoped you like this post and I would definitely advise anyone to get these products!